Lighthouse Point is a multi-phase mixed use development located in New York City directly adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in Staten Island. The first phase, includes office, retail, residential and parking. The second phase includes retail and a new full-service hotel. The project occupies portions of the historic US Lighthouse Depot site and provides unobstructed views to downtown Manhattan and New York Harbor.

The EB-5 raise is a total of $20 million (40 units were offered. 2 units remained).  

Lighthouse Point is the perfect EB-5 offering for investors - it checks all the boxes for a safe and secure investment, including:

  • First Position Mortgage: This is a senior loan. The EB-5 investors have first priority for repayment of their investment. There is no bank debt ahead of the EB-5 loan. 
  • Low Leverage: The EB-5 Loan accounts for only 30% of the capital stack of the project and is the only permanent debt on the project. This provides a huge safety net in case of an economic downturn and makes the Exit (return of capital) very easy to complete through a refinance.
  • Fully Financed Project: The project is fully financed and already under construction.
  • Significant Public Investment:  The City and State of New York have invested $22.7M in this project to assist in the redevelopment of the Staten Island waterfront. In addition, over $9M in tax credit financing has also been provided to the project.
  • Blue Chip Financial Partners: In addition to government investment, the project also includes investments by well respected financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Lubert Adler, and Citizens Bank, as well as a direct equity investment from the Developer (Triangle Equities) of more than $9M.
  • Project Under Construction:  Construction on the project began in December 2015, and is due to be completed on schedule in Summer 2018. 
  • Office Tenants Secured:  100% of the office space has already been leased; 55% of retail spaces are currently leased and others under negotiation.  
  • Escrow to I-924 Approval:  Project Exemplar is approved. 
  • Job Coverage:  With 1,282 jobs, there are 32 jobs per investor.
  • Single-Tract TEA: The project site is located within a single census tract that qualifies for the minimum investment amount.

Please for more information about the project and EB-5 Green Cards contact us.